Stephen Preston

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Photographer :- Nick Fletcher


Sowy's Tattoo Studio

33 Castlegate
01653 691002


Q & A



Q) Is there any other colour available?
A) The only choice of colour is BLACK
     (The laser burns the wood, ie, makes charcoal)


Q) Are there any other materials available apart from wood?
A) Afraid not. Melts plastic, glass is a problem, forget metal....


Q) What sort of items are available?
A) Portraits, Key ring holders, Place mats, Chopping boards plus anything else I can think of.....


Q) Where can I see them to get a good idea of quality?
A) Sowy has a small number on display at his tattoo studio


Q) What subjects can you engrave?
A) Anything really from a good quality photograph or drawing.


Q) Are they available to buy online?
A) Not yet, it is only a hobby, not a professional set up.


Q) How do I buy them?
A) Visit Sowys for details


Q) How much do they cost?
A) At the moment anything up to £30:00 for a personalised, large item (ie you supply the photograph)


Q) How do you make them?
A) Scan your photograph, use online software to modify, transfer to laser computer, press start!


Q) How long does it take to make from start to finish?
A) It depends on what you want. Anything from one to three hours. Scan to laser, drill and add hooks
     for keyrings, drill and add hangers on back (or pads for place mats)


Q) Is the quality always good.
A) Sometimes the photograph does not engrave too well. Drawings are brilliant most times. Look at the owl in the video.